Do you need aggregate, gravel or other materials?

Our crew will do all the heavy lifting

If you’re renovating your residential or commercial property, you’ll probably need to transport heavy materials. Instead of renting a truck and hauling it yourself, call 3-Bar-S Construction. We can haul gravel, aggregate or rocks to your property. We have the equipment and training to handle all your hauling needs. If you need large quantities of filling or paving materials for your project, call 3-Bar-S Construction today.

3 benefits of using aggregate for driveways

3 benefits of using aggregate for driveways

As a home or business owner, you probably don’t give your driveway a lot of thought. However, driveways are an important aspect of your property’s curb appeal. They can also help keep vehicles safe from damage, and that’s why it’s important that they’re constructed using the appropriate materials. Whether you’re using it as a base or finish, our crew will haul the aggregate you need for your driveway. While we’re there, we can fill it for you, too.

Here are some benefits of using aggregate for your driveway or other surface:

  1. Aggregate makes a durable foundation for driveways, parking lots and walkways.
  2. Your driveway will withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.
  3. If you choose an exposed aggregate finish for your concrete driveway, it’s naturally skid-resistant, as well as attractive.
  4. Call 3-Bar-S today to learn more about using aggregate on your property. We offer free estimates.