We’ll Do the Dirty Work for You

We’ll Do the Dirty Work for You

Hire 3-Bar-S Construction for expert dirt work

If you’re planning new construction on your commercial or residential property, you need someone to handle the dirt work. Call the 3-Bar-S crew today if you need:

  • Land clearing
  • House pad planning and pouring
  • Elevation work
  • Excavation work
Large or small, we can handle any size project. The foundation of any new construction job is the most important part. That’s why you want to hire the dirt work experts at 3-Bar-S Construction. Call today to get a free estimate.

How can you ensure that your new home is built on solid ground?

When building a new home or commercial building, it’s important to start off on firm footing. The concrete house pad should be expertly planned and poured to ensure that your structure is firmly supported. The first step is the dirt work, and that’s where we come in. Our crew will make sure your house pad is evenly supported and won’t fail during or after construction.

Are you getting ready to start on a new construction project? Call 3-Bar-S today to schedule a consultation for dirt work.